Heightened Independence Day security in wake of worldwide terror attacks

Heightened Independence Day security in wake of worldwide terror attacks
Indian and Chinese army put their hands together during the celebration of India’s 60th Independence Day celebration in Bumla, at a hight of 15,000 in the Indo-China international border in Arunachal Pradesh, northeast India on Tuesday, August 15, 2006. An official deligation of Chinese officers and soldiers accompanied by their families joined in the Independence Day celebrations with their Indian counterparts. This event is a positive step towards further cementing the ongoing efforts for improving relationships between ancient civilizations, who are emerging as major partners in developing the Asian region.

New Delhi: Heightened security arrangements will be put in place for Independence Day celebrations at the historical Red Fort this year in wake of terrorists striking crowded places worldwide. The preliminary security arrangements began in July and senior police and intelligence officials have been regularly updating them to weed out any shortcomings and glitches. Nearly 6,000 security personnel and hundreds of CCTV cameras will monitor from three control-rooms the venue at Red Fort, from where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation in presence of dignitaries, including foreign representatives and thousands of visitors, police officials said.

Special measures will be taken to meet on-the-spot situations such as the prime minister choosing to meet people at the venue as he previously did twice, they said. The travel route of the prime minister from 7 RCR to Red Fort will be watched through hundreds of CCTV cameras.

Besides, the Red Fort premises will be watched through nearly 200 CCTV cameras and two high-mast HD cameras with powerful resolution to pinpoint suspects and neutralise any threat. More than 5,000 Delhi Police personnel and 1,000 paramilitary personnel will be deployed at the venue apart from elite NSG commandos intelligence officials. Special teams of police will be stationed to neutralise the possibility of any airborne-activity such as drones.

In a massive screening exercise, police has collected details of over 9,000 people residing in the vicinity of the Red Fort to ensure that most people near the venue are marked out and strangers could be checked in case of any exigency. The buildings facing the Red Fort will be secured and police and paramilitary personnel will be stationed there.

Panoramic photography will be used to ensure a close watch on the 605 balconies and 104 windows that open towards the Red Fort, said the officials. Security agencies have also marked out over 3,000 trees around the Fort so that no man or material was lodged there, they said.