Heliopter with eight on board make emergency landing in Assam

, 5:35 PM IST

Itanagar : A helicopter of Skyone airlines with eight people on board, including six crew members, made an emergency landing in Assam’s Nagaon district today following a technical snag.

The MI-172 helicopter which took off from Guwahati for Itanagar around 10.30 am had to make emergency landing after minutes of flying, State Civil Aviation department officer NC Chakap said here.

The copter landed safely at Nehrubali helipad in Nagaon district. Authorities of Skyone airlines informed the department about the incident verbally without elaborating on the nature of the technical snag, he said.

The Nagaon district administration had arranged a vehicle for the two passengers for Itanagar, the officer said, adding a technical team from Guwahati would arrive soon to the site to rectify the snag.