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Henna burns woman’s hands, admitted in emergency room of a hospital

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Sharjah: There is an incident of receiving burns after putting casual ‘Henna’ design on a woman’s hand.

According to the news published in Khaleej Times, a woman who had got ‘Henna’ design on her hand during an event held in university experienced burning sensation after few minutes of its application. She suddenly washed her hands but when the burning sensation did not stop, she rushed to hospital where she was given hydrocortisone ointment to apply and to use antihistamine tablets.

The artist who put the ‘Henna’ design claimed that she had applied red ‘Henna’ and not the black one as she knew the dangers of using black ‘Henna’ as it is mixed with other chemical substances.

Following the incident, university launched an investigation on the case.

Meanwhile, commenting on this incident, Dr. Anwar Alhammadi, President of Emirates Dermatology Society said that such allergic reaction to henna is a common issue.

He further said that black henna is not recommended in beauty parlors.

Sharjah Municipality also prohibited use of Chinese black henna in the salons as they were mixed with poisonous chemicals which may cause irritation, allergy and other skin problems. If the salon violates this norm, a fine of Dh 2000 could be imposed.