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Herbalife’s survey reveals sedentary lifestyles issues associated with men, women

Herbalife’s survey reveals sedentary lifestyles issues associated with men, women

New Delhi : Leading global nutrition company Herbalife conducted a survey that uncovered differences in the health attitudes and lifestyle habits of working men and women in Singapore.
The survey revealed that women in India have a higher tendency to spend more time at their work desks, lunch more often at their desks, and find it harder to stay active during the average work day compared to men.

The survey, which was designed to understand the lifestyle habits and attitudes of Asia Pacific’s modern workforce, was conducted in among 5,500 full-time workers in 11 Asia-Pacific markets in the age group 18-60 years divided equally under both genders.

Some of the key insights from the survey stated that hours spent at desk on average work day: nine in 10 women spend more than six hours at their desks on an average work day.

Frequency of eating lunch at desk states 69 percent of women have lunch at their desks at least two to five days per week.

Minutes of daily physical activity at work place states that in India 22 percent of women gets between 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity at work.

Obstacles to exercising/ stretching at work: 67 percent of women cited lack of time as an obstacle to exercising at work; while 59 percent of men echoed the same reason.

Times per week engage in physical activity: 68 percent of women engage in physical activity two to six times per week.

Health issues that could arise from sedentary lifestyle: Around 65 percent women are concerned about gaining weight and 55 percent women are concerned about increasing stress level arising from sedentary lifestyle. 78 percent of women said they’d be more encouraged to stay active if part of company’s culture.

With the above results from the survey, organizations need to take steps to encourage employees for an active and healthy lifestyle by providing internal fitness facilities or organize group work out activities to boost up overall health.

Companies can hold activities targeted at women, such as lunchtime networking sessions with female leaders, to encourage female employees to stand up from their desks.

With many women hesitant to consider themselves as athletes, beginner’s group workout sessions could also be held to help female employees feel more comfortable and ease into a more active lifestyle. (ANI-NewsVoir)