High demand for fish for Mrigasira karthe shoots up prices

High demand for fish for Mrigasira karthe shoots up prices
A pot filled with anchovies is seen aboard a fishing boat at the Pacific Ocean, off of Peru's northern port of Chimbote, December 14, 2012. Peru is the world's top fishmeal exporter, producing about a third of worldwide supply. Last year it shipped abroad more than $2 billion in fishmeal and fish oil. The anchovy pulled from Peru's Pacific Ocean is sold as fishmeal that feeds pigs in China and farmed salmon in Europe. It's also squeezed into increasingly popular Omega-3 supplements. The government cut its quota for this summer's anchovy season by 68 percent to 810,000 tonnes, the smallest allowance in 25 years. Picture taken December 14, 2012. REUTERS/Enrique Castro-Mendivil (PERU - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY) - RTR3BV44

The high demand for fish in connection with Mrigasira Karthe, which falls on Thursday, shot up the prices in the markets in the twin cities.

It is a common belief that fish should be eaten on the Mrigasira day. Thus, the demand for the fish, especially the “korra” or marell variety, which is a popular freshwater species, is normally very high leading to escalation in their cost. The fish markets, especially in Ramnagar, Secunderabad and a few other places are already besieged by fish-lovers fearing shortage. Taking advantage of the heavy rush, the sellers in the market are selling the korra live variety at a staggering price ranging from Rs 600 to Rs 800 per kilogram. Even departmental stores, malls and food bazaars are also catering to the needs of fish for the Mrigasira day.

The Fisheries department also makes arrangements to supply fish keeping in view the high demand for the occasion. Apart from the normal sizes of live korra, the department also is supplying fingerlings used as “fish prasadam” for asthma patients. As a matter of fact, the Bathini family of Laldarwaza in Old city would be organizing a special camp for the purpose every year for which asthma patients from all over the country come to avail the fish treatment.

It is a common belief that eating fish on the occasion of Mrigasira Karthe would help cure various breathing problems, including asthma. (NSS)