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A hijab style for every occasion

A hijab style for every occasion

Hyderabad: There are numerous ways to wear a scarf and a hijab is just one of them. Worn by many Muslim women all over the globe as a symbol of modesty and privacy, a hijab is basically a veil/scarf that covers the head and the chest. With increasing globalisation the hijab just like any other form of clothing has hit the mainstream global market.

Many high profile international brands such as Dolce &Gabanna, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango and Oscar de la Renta have introduced special hijab collections in order to make inroads into the Muslim fashion market, which is expected to make $321 billion by 2020. And so we see that lately there has been an unprecedented surge in the number of hijab fashion bloggers, especially on Instagram and YouTube, who believe that hijab and modest fashion can go hand in hand.

Be it for college or for a party, be it a casual outing or for an interview meeting there are hijab styles that cater to every need. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Simple and elegant this is one of the best styles for school/college on a pleasant winter morning. A plain short hijab that can be worn on tunics and jeans complimented with a long shawl around the neck. It can also be paired with a long over-sized shrug as shown in the picture.

Another casual college look would be this short synthetic scarf wrapped around the head once so that the two short ends of the scarf can be left free on both the sides of the body. You can pair this with a tee and long skirt or with a long top and jeans.

Moving on to a more sophisticated look for a party if you are wearing a long skirt as shown then this hijab style is the perfect one for you. A zipper skirt with a full turtleneck tee can be paired up with an open- end hijab. Leaving one end of a rectangular scarf extremely short and the other extremely long, the hijab can be tied at the back of the head and the long open end can be wrapped around the chest and left free over the shoulder.

This simple short voluminous hijab style can be worn on just about any occasion. A short rectangular chiffon scarf wrapped with at least 2-3 distinguishing folds on the head can be worn with long tops or tunics or even kurtis. These can be paired with leggings or jeans or even lose trousers.

Maxis are the in-thing and at times the perfect match for hijabs if worn right. Since printed floral scarfs are trending now you can contrast one of them with a full sleeve maxi and a belt. The scarf can be played along with and the free end can be twisted as shown to add that extra zing to your outfit.

And that’s how you combine hijab fashion and modesty for different occasions.

Courtesy: MetroIndia