Crime in Hyderabad

Himayath Nagar PO officials in CBI net

Himayath Nagar PO officials in CBI net
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Hyderabad: The Central Bureau of Investigation here on Monday registered a case against a senior superintendent and two other employees of Himayath Nagar Post Office for diverting the new currency notes to private parties in exchange for black money.
After the demonetization, banks and post offices have been assigned the work of exchanging old currency notes with new Rs 2,000 notes and supplied to banks and post offices enough money. As per new guidelines of the RBI, each person was entitled for an exchange of Rs 4,000, but it was reduced to only Rs 2,000 and subsequently the facility was closed on November 24.
Meanwhile, there were rumors that the bank and postal officials misused their powers and instead of using the new currency for general public, they diverted it in big amounts to some individuals at a heavy commission. The CBI inquiry is reported to have confirmed the role of K. Sudheer Babu, Hyderabad city division senior superintendent, sub-postmaster G. Revathi and another employee at Himayath Nagar post office in diversion of Rs 40 lakh. The CBI was readying to arrest the three officials anytime. (NSS)