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Hindu boy won in azaan competition

Hindu boy  won in azaan competition

Solapur:The name of religion in a country where the political extreme example came first in the competition of the Satish Ajan Sai, Even those who have a big message in the name of religion are baking bread.

Solapur district of Maharashtra Ashok Satish Godke taluka village. Satish’s house near the temple and the mosque. He listens to the daily call to prayer was there. It was in the interest of learning from the darkness.

As a reminder, a social organization of the call to prayer in the village of Satish competition was introduced. Curious thing is that this test was attended by 300 Muslim children. He won the hearts of all the beating.

Today the village is that Satish Ajan Alam started reading all the people there were left spellbound. Of course he is, but the fact of the Hindu society and ignored the whole village lavishly praised his skill.