Hindu family has been observing fast during Ramazan for the past 20 years

, 7:41 AM IST

Shivpur: There is a Hindu family in Shivpur District of Madhya Pradesh which has been fasting for the past 20 years during Ramazan and also offers five time prayers. It is reported that as a result of vow of fasting during Ramazan, the family was blessed with a son after waiting for a long time.


This story is of an accountant, Swalal Khetak who is working in the agricultural market’s businessman in Shivpur. Till13 years of his marriage he did not get any child. He and his wife decide to observe fast during Ramazan. They were then blessed with a son. They also offer Taraveeh prayer. The family consists of a son, Rahul and a daughter. Both of them also fast during Ramazan. At the end of the month of Ramazan, they celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.


–Siasat News