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In a Hindu owned company two Muslims declared ‘Best Dressed Employees’ on Diwali

In a Hindu owned company two Muslims declared ‘Best Dressed Employees’ on Diwali
Mr. Faisal in Grey sadri and Miss. Fauzia in Abaya

New Delhi: In a time when the whole nation is debating on intolerance and secularism and the incidence of intolerance is seemingly increasing, there are examples which prove that Muslims of India can earn both reward and respect from the followers of other religions if they chose a path of honesty and integrity.

Faisal Mushtaq who is the Content Head at The Yellow Coin Communication (TYCC) Pvt. Ltd. is not just serving the organisation with quality and creative content, but he is also very much popular among all the directors/employees of the TYCC due to his friendly and trustworthy relationship approach. For the last two consecutive years, he is the winner of Best Dressed Male Employee on Diwali through the voting. On the other hand, Ms Fauzia Iftikhar was declared the winner of this year’s Best Dressed Female Employee in the female category.  Surprisingly, there is a majority of Non-Muslims employees (5 Muslims out of 25) at the TYCC and the founder and director of the TYCC, Mrs Geeta Singh is a practising Hindu woman.

Faisal Mushtaq whose philosophy of life is; “Be a better human first, then dream about a better world because humanity is not just being kind with like-minded and identical people. Humanity means embracing all, unconditionally.” He always respects and supports the colleagues without doing any wrong favour in the name of religion, caste, or origin. Similar is the behaviour of Fauzia who hate to ignore employers as well as peers whenever they seek her for help/assistance.

Faisal believes, “Discrimination on the basis of religion is an irony of name coined by the man not a diversion of destiny created in The Heavens.” Recently, a person made a comment on his Facebook page, he asked, Sir, can you please define what constitutes a better human? Faisal replied, “Find your answer from the life of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Because today’s human, including me, are worse than animals.”

The story of Faisal and Fauzia show that Muslims can change others’ wrong perception towards them, through their positive actions, good character, humble approach and empathetic attitude following the teachings from the Life of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) who forgave even his worst enemies and always prayed for them.


Courtesy: MM