Hiring For Operations Manager in Oman

Hiring For Operations Manager in Oman

Acciona & GSSG Facility Services MENA

The Role
Responsible for the management and leadership of the Company’s Airport Soft Services Contracts. Manage and oversee the operations of required within the contracts with clients, and a team of over 500 staff, including junior management, supervisors, and housekeepers. Report directly to the General Manager of the company and be a key member of the growth of the Acciona-GSSG FS MENA team in the GCC area.
Full responsibility for the successful operations of Housekeeping and Waste Management Contracts at large Airport in Oman.
Develop, implement and manage the annual service plan for the Soft Services to meet the contract requirements.
Monitor and control the operational budget related to the annual service plan.
Establish and maintain client service relations with Clients.
Overall operational control of the Annual Service Plan and all personnel, and monitoring of operational costs. Oversee and manage all personnel, including Assistant Managers, Supervisors, if needed, and associates within the departments as well as all operational costs including labour cost, paper cost, chemical costs, direct costs and other expenses incurred within the departments.

Minimum 2 years experience in Managing medium to large Housekeeping, Cleaning, or similar service contracts, preferably in a health care environment
Demonstrated ability to take on increasing responsibility in a Soft Services environment.
BICS certification in Cleaning Operations is preferred.
In-depth knowledge of Soft Services (Housekeeping and Waste Management) operations delivery, preferably in a Airport or similar Environment
In-depth knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
In-depth knowledge of Housekeeping Services productivity and best practices.
Knowledge of Oman laws/regulations related to Housekeeping and Waste Management Services.
Exceptional Interpersonal skills when dealing with clients and employees.
Exceptional communication skills to address concerns, conflicts and ongoing requirements of the Services Agreement
Excellent leadership and management skills
Able to handle a fast paced, highly ethical work environment
Able to make decisions in and independent manner within company and contractual requirements, and with a view for the overall good of the Company.
Able to write/discuss/propose recommendations for improvement.
Able to write succinct reports and undertake analysis of key performance indicators.

About the Company
ACCIONA is one of Spain\’s principal business groups and a leader in the fields of infrastructure development and management, renewable energy, water and services.

With a century of history, and more than 30,000 professionals, it operates in over 30 countries on the five continents. ACCIONA is included in Spain\’s blue-chip Ibex 35 index and is a core stock in the market (see Financial Information).

ACCIONA\’s positioning as a pioneer in development and sustainability expresses its capacity to respond to the challenge of attaining sustainable development through all its areas of activity. One of its specific commitments is to steadily reduce its carbon footprint and lead the transition to a low-carbon economy. ACCIONA\’s activities and businesses avoid millions of metric tons of emissions every year (see Emissions Meter). The Sustainability Master Plan develops the Company\’s sustainability strategy.