Hiring For Recruitment Project Manager in Belgium

Hiring For Recruitment Project Manager in Belgium

JOB TITLE:Recruitment Project Manager
COMPANY NAME:Careers International

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Careers International
Careers International specialises in bringing top talent together with top employers. We do this globally, with speed, ease, transparency and optimal use of the web.
Companies trust our recruitment innovation – and our results.

Our web-based OneDayWith platform brings together talented individuals and one company in an online, content-rich, interactive event. It gives participants a unique insight into a company’s business, culture and expertise and the opportunity to interact live with its decision-makers. And all this without leaving their desk.

We have the following opening for our Headquarters based in Brussels:
Recruitment Project Manager

Role and responsibilities
As a Project Manager, you will take full ownership of your Recruitment and Online Event projects:

You will be the main point of contact for your clients (discussing their needs, coaching them on hosting online events, etc.);
You will coordinate with various stakeholders (IT team, recruiters, etc.) to keep your projects on track within deadlines;
You will be responsible for the attraction strategy of your projects (social media posts, contacting relevant partners/universities, etc.);
You will be strongly involved in the selection process (screening CVs, presenting candidates to clients, etc.);
You will be responsible for the organisation of Online Events;
You will create reports at the end of your projects;
You will follow-up with your clients;
Most importantly, you will adapt to your clients’ and projects’ needs, be creative in finding solutions and willing to help out with related tasks when needed.
We offer:
A close-knit, multicultural environment;
The opportunity to work with innovative technology;
Responsibility for projects with big clients;
A lot of variety with projects across all industries;
A great learning environment.
Your profile:
Bachelor degree or above
Excellent communication skills in English – both oral and written
Up to 2 years (including internships) of HR/Recruiting experience
Ability to work effectively within an international team environment
Attention to detail in all aspects of your work
Flexibility and creative thinking
Fluency in either French or German is a plus

Starting date: End of August or as soon as possible

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