Hiring For Welding Engineer in Dubai

Hiring For Welding Engineer in Dubai

Parsons International
Dubai, UAE

The Role
• Supervision of the R2020 Contractor structural steelworks associated with Overground stations, Underground stations, Expo station, Architectural Works or others as directed by Construction Director and in accordance with Project requirements in the General and Particular Specifications.
• Participate in Prequalification review of proposed structural steel suppliers / fabricators and attend factory visits as required during the approval consideration process.
• Ensure the Contractor’s review of welding procedures and Inspection and Test Plans (ITP’s) are in accordance specification.
• Ensure the Contractor’s review of Welder Qualifications are in accordance with the specification and verifying that adequate and approved welders are used for the works.
• Ensure the Contractor complies with established welding procedures, restrictions, and standards in testing of welds for conformance with code requirements.
• Witnessing the preparation of test plates and destructive tests such as tensile test, bend tests, etc. and ensures the Contractor verifies compliance with appropriate standards and specifications.
• Ensuring that the Contractor’s quality control results are monitored for non-conformance and improvement / retraining where required.
• Ensure the Contractor verifies parent material traceability against documentation and markings.
• Ensure the Contractor verifies the correctness of welding consumables (electrodes, filler wires, consumable inserts, gases, fluxes etc.) Ensuring calibration of welding equipment.
• Ensure the Contractor verifies that dimensions, fit-up and weld preparations are in accordance with specifications.
• Ensure the Contractor undertakes Welding Inspection before, during & after welding e.g. Edge preparation, set up & weld root, subsequent passes etc. Surveillance during welding to verify compliance with specified procedures including any preheat, inter-pass, temperature control and post heat requirements.
• Ensure the Contractor undertakes visual inspection of weld, witness NDT activities Witness of NDE (LPT/MPT/UT/RT), etc.
• In case of nonconformity, in liaison with PSJV QA Dept., prepares NCR and assists the Contractor to resolve the issues related to it.
• Ensure the Contractor undertakes proper reviews of weld test reports from DCL or other DCL approved Third Party Test Agency as per DAC-REQ-13.
• Experience of working to and fully conversant with international codes (ANSI/ASME, AWS, ISO, ASTM, BS,).
• Review of Inspection Reports and As built package.
• Authorized to qualify /disqualify welder / weld procedure /test procedure.
• Authorized to accept /reject work specimen against the given quality standards.
• Participates in the development of job safety practices and in the preparation of safety reports.
• Ensure the Contractor undertakes pre-blast inspection and blast inspection as per SA2.5. Undertakes WFT, DFT adhesion tests, Undertakes galvanizing inspections.
• Diploma or degree in Engineering or equivalent demonstrated experience in related field.
• Specialized welding certification. i.e. CSWIP 3.1 or equivalent
• 10 – 15 years of experience in site inspection.
• Knowledge of welding codes, standards and specifications.
• Familiar with reporting procedures.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.

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