Home Minister approves chilli bombs to control the mobs in Kashmir

Home Minister approves chilli bombs to control the mobs in Kashmir

New Delhi: In order to disperse “a murderous mob” of stone-pelters and rioters the Union Ministry of Home Affairs Rajnath Singh has approved a number of non-lethal mechanisms for mob control in the Kashmir valley.

Mr. Singh will make an announcement at all-party delegation led by him on September 4, as a confidence-building measure. Singh has reviewed the situation in the valley with top BJP and government functionaries on Sunday.

Sources said.“The panel set up on the instructions of Home Minister Rajnath Singh recommended the use of chilli-pepper canisters with a soft nose for mob control.”

“As a pilot project, armour-plated water-canons which fire ‘slugs’ of water will also be introduced in the valley.”

Restrictions have been placed on the use of pellet guns.“The pump action guns will not be completely removed but they will be used as almost the last resort. The violent mob will be filmed on camera and then the senior most officer on ground will take a decision on the use of pellet guns. He will then have to justify the use of pellet guns,’’ said the sources.

Official said.”These are non-lethal but effective eye, skin and nose irritants. They will cause the eyes and nose to water and skin to feel itchy. Security Personnel who fire these shells or grenades will wear special clothing and will have a mask to cover their face and eyes in case of change in wind direction”.

The use of soft, rubber-nose plastic shells were also recommended.