Friday , July 28 2017
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Houses razed at Ghouse Nagar, thousands of people left in lurch

On one side Telangana government promises to provide double bed room houses to poor, on the other side government missionary has razed a locality before it is inhabited. Government missionary has demolished several houses at Ghouse Nagar Bandlaguda and left the poor people without shelter. Men and women wailed but in vain, what’s more the victims were arrested by the police.

It must be noted that Mandal Revenue officer, Bandlaguda carried out demolition saying that Ghouse Nagar is inhabited on government land. However no board was set up stating the land to be government property nor the people were cautioned in advance. Poor people had built the asbestos houses by saving pennies from their hard earned money. Poor people purchased the land and constructed houses long back but revenue officials raised no objection at that time. They have sprung into action all of a sudden. Had the revenue officials come into action at an appropriate time, poor people would not have lost their only assets. Revenue officials should have set up board mentioning the land to be government’s property. This would have saved poor people from loosing their hard earned money.

The residents allege that Revenue officials are carrying out the demolition activities in connivance with land grabbers, who want to done plotting on the land. The real estate office present in the locality which is left untouched endorses their claim. Government should suspend the police officers who have done injustice towards the Ghouse Nagar residents backed by land grabbers.