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Human Trafficking on the rise in country, Tribal women at risk

Human Trafficking on the rise in country, Tribal women at risk

Hyderabad: Human Trafficking is on the rise with many cases being reported in various parts of the country which subjects mostly the tribal women or girls from various districts into trafficking. These unfortunate women once gone missing are very difficult to be traced, by the time the Police investigates the missing complaints, these women are already sold to some trafficking gang or forcibly married to someone.

Earlier in 2014, a minor girl from Nagalgondi of Kerameri mandal went missing and was reportedly found to be sold and forcibly married to a man in Rajasthan by her own relative after accepting Rs1.5 lakh for her.

In 2015, another missing complaint investigation revealed a 20 yr-old woman M. Saritha, (name changed) from Selewada (B) village of Utnoor mandal was sold for Rs 1.5 lakh and forcibly married to a Rajasthani man Chandrakanth by a named Hari Singh. The woman who was missing for 15 days reportedly called her family and informed about the incident. The Police nabbed the culprit Nishte Hari Singh along with two other agents Chankati Jangu and Madavi Jangu from Pipri and Keslapur villages of Indravelly mandal.
The arrested men later revealed they had earlier sold other five women to Rajasthan Gangs for Rs 1 lakh – 2 lakh each.

Another missing woman investigation in 2016 revealed the married woman from Samaka village of Indravelli mandal was sold by the Hari Singh gang. Her husband filed her mssing complaint on January 23, 2016.

Similarly, another 22-year-old widow woman was sold by the same gang in Rajasthan.

A 31-year-old teacher from Khadki of Naroor mandal from a poor family was lured by human traffickers who promised they would get her married was later reportedly sold for 40,000 to a 51 yr-old man Premchand Vad in Rajasthan.
Another tribal woman from Kerameri was reportedly sold to a trafficking gang in Madhya Pradesh. She was later recused but her family refused to accept her, DC reported.