Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Humanism is greater than any ism: I.Y.R Krishna Rao

Hyderabad: Former Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary I.Y.R Krishna Rao said that Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya was a great philosopher and nationalist. Humanism is greater than any other ism. He applauded the writers who have preserved the Indian culture and tradition through their works.
On the occasion of Pandit Deendayalji Upadhyaya Centenary celebrations, Samachara Bharathi has conducted a seminar on ‘What is Bharath’ at the Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University here on Saturday.
Speaking on the occasion, Krishna Rao said that every one has a limit on the freedom of speech, to express his opinion on different subjects. University students have faced intellectual confusion. He opined that Ramoji Rao only deserved Padma Award from Andhra Pradesh, while others got it through ‘pairavees’ and political influence.
Senior journalist G Valliswar said that young journalists have shown interest to know about our tradition and culture in the past, but 99 percent of the journalists have no idea about the national issues and the names of the Chief Ministers in India. Samachara Bharathi has been publishing the traditions and culture of India in the ‘Lokahitham’ Magazine since the past seven years and it has reached to 6000 villages in the country.
Former IPS officer M.V Ramachanra Raju said that journalists have the ability to motivate the people towards unity and transform the society in a development way rather than intolerance. Vedas had defined our culture and tradition, how to live in a society. We should fallow the ancient Vedas to maintain good relationship among the people. Upanishads were enhancing our knowledge. Deendayalji Upadhyaya had sensitized the people towards the values of Vedas and Upanishads; but we forgot our science in Vedas.
Retired Economics Professor from Delhi University Bajaranglal Gupta said that Indian culture and tradition would provide solutions to the globalization problems. He reminded Deendayalji Upadhyaya’s slogans for developing the nation, namely Swadeshi, Swavalambana, and Decentralization.(NSS)