Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Humanity: Muslim pregnant Mhow woman saves by NGO

Humanity sees no religion. In what we can term as a case of humanity, Ashok Nayak, the founder of Indore based Blood Call Centre arranges blood for Fathima Imran born with the rare blood group ‘Bombay’.

Fathima could now deliver her infant securely as blood was airlifted for from Mumbai in Jet airways flight. Fahima was recently admitted to Red Cross hospital in Mhow.

According to news18 report, the blood count was really low in Fahima’s body and she could have risked her life if the blood did not reach to her before delivery.

Her hapless relatives with little knowledge of blood groups and other complexities somehow reached the doorsteps of Blood Call Centre in nearby Indore. The Call Centre contacted its donors in metros and finally got through one donor in Mumbai.

After the required tests, the blood would be sent to Mhow hospital, said Nayak. “I have another donor ready in Pune, in case more blood is required for the patient,” he said.