Humanity still alive: Pakistani Air Force pilot helped IAF pilot Nachiketa escape torture

, 6:52 AM IST

New Delhi: There were very few incidents wherein India and Pakistan exchanged cordial relations but there some exceptions too. In a strange incident, Air Commodore (Retd.), Kaiser Tufail of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) during the Kargil war saved Group Captain K. Nachiketa, IAF pilot’s MiG 27 had crashed in POK near Skardu in July 1999.

Pakistani soldier had captured him and they were trying to manhandle him because he belonged to their enemy country and he had fired their locations from air. Perhaps they wanted to kill him. Captain K. Nachiketa realized the situation that he has become captive of Pakistan Air Force. Luckily, a senior officer of PAF, Air Commodore (Retd.), Kaiser Tufail came to his rescue and prevented Pakistan airmen from torturing Nachiketa.

After many years, Nachiketa told narrated this incident to media persons after he returned to Indian territory. During his captivity in Pakistan, Tufail discussed about his personal problems. Tufail provide vegetarian food for him.

In a press statement published in Indian Express in 2009, Tufail described Nachiketa a gentleman. Nachiketa said that he was amazed to find that there are so many issues in common.

Eight days after he was taken as prisoner by Pakistani troops, Indian officials started making efforts to get him released. Nachiketa further told it would not have been possible if Tufail had not saved him from the tortures of Pakistani airmen.