Husband goes alone on honeymoon

Husband goes alone on honeymoon

New Delhi: Faizan a newly married Delhi boy received big help from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Well everyone in this planet would want his bride to be with him during honeymoon. But this story is a bit different.

A person named Faizan Patel, who had planned his honeymoon trip to Europe got the shock of his life when he learnt that his wife Sana’s passport is missing. After this incident, any person would have certainly cancelled the trip, but this man did the unusual.

He left his wife back in India and instead went ahead alone on the honeymoon trip.

Faizan did one of the most interesting thing. He clicked a picture of him seated on a plane and his wife’s photo being tucked to the seat next to him.

The Delhi boy tweeted the picture to Sushma Swaraj and asked for help, and as expected the diligent minister responded with an assurance that his wife will be with him on the next seat.