Husband showers only on Holi and Diwali; wife goes to police

, 8:16 PM IST

Uttar Pradesh: An aggrieved wife filed a complaint with police against her husband alleging that he has not showered since months.

According to the news published in Pradesh 18, the incident was reported in Bhagpat, a complaint was lodged with Ravi Shankar, SP saying that she has a threat for her life from her husband as he has not taken bath for the past so many months.

In her complaint, she mentioned that when asked his family to maintain hygiene then they ignored and abused her.

She mentioned that the family members took a bath on Diwali last year and after gap of 5 months they again took a bath on the occasion of Holi.

The complaint of the woman was transferred to the women’s cell to resolve the matter.