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Hyderabad to get first ROBOCOP

Hyderabad to get first ROBOCOP

Hyderabad: Now Hyderabad will soon have first Humanoid Robocop in the country and second in the world after Dubai has recently got its first Robocop.

H-Robotics, the Telangana Hub based company which has recently established its robotics and hardware manufacturing facility ‘Makers Leeway’ in Hyderabad on Wednesday is developing a six feet tall prototype for city’s Police Department.

The company has already started designing of the prototype which will be completed by September. The company will be unveiling the Robo by December after running trials for few months, which will be then deployed at Jubilee Hills checkpost.

Speaking about the project Kisshhan PSV, founder of H-Bots Robotics, told the sources, “The robot will be able to identify a person who lodges a complaint, recognise objects which had been stationed in a location for long hours and inform the Police Control Room. Unlike the Police Robot currently used in Dubai, which moves only on wheels, our robot can walk, recognise people, take complaints and detect & diffuse bombs too.”

Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of ITE&C Department, Telangana Government unveiled the design of the first humanoid to be built in Hyderabad after launching the company’s robotics facility.

Talking about other multinationals like Amazon who have already deployed Robots in their warehouses he said India is eager to adapt to the robotics technology.

The humanoid will be made in India unlike the Dubai’s deployed Robocop which is a French manufacture, reported the sources.