Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Hyderabad on high food wastage during Ramadan

Hyderabad: Food lovers around the city try to grab some good options available in the market in the evening hours of Ramadan. Char Minar becomes favourite spot to relish delicious cuisines in this holy month. However, it also brings one more reason of souring waste heap in Hyderabad.

“Street vendors put up their stalls close to the iftar tents. Half-finished food like biryani, fruit peels and cores, packaging and plastic cutlery often discarded on the roadside. Although the food waste is not too huge, it is enough to attract stray dogs,” said Hassan Ali, from Santhosh Nagar.

As per a report by DC, people and some organisations in a bid to help others and to provide the food and drinks to the unprivileged distribute food packets every day and not just on Fridays. There is no specific centre of waste management, however, to analyse the daily amount of waste generated.

“We have observed that people mostly discard half-finished food packets, which go into rubbish bins, along with styrofoam and plastic”, said Mr Ahmed Aleem of Tolichowki. Food waste creates methane, a greenhouse gas that adversely affects the environment, studies have proven.

When asked about the possibility of turning the waste into manure through composting pits, the south zone Municipal Commissioner, Mr Srinivas Reddy said, “We are running out of space, if anyone is ready to provide space within the zone, composting pits can be created.”