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Hyderabad: Impotent married man attempts second marriage – First wife exposes

Hyderabad: Syed Asadullah Husaini (28) was already a married person but he was trying to marry another woman which was exposed by his divorced wife.


According to the police report, Anwaruddin Ali Khan (70) registered a written complaint with the police under FIR number 5/2016 that he has three daughter and two sons. His youngest daughter was engaged to Asadullah Husaini of Gulbarga. The marriage was fixed for 5th January at Royal Agency Garden, Asif Nagar. Engagement ceremony was held on 15th November in which a watch of the value of Rs. 6000 was given to the boy as a gift. In the week of December 2015 Rs. 2.5 lakh was paid as dowry. On third January, furniture worth 1.90 lakh and electronic goods worth Rs. 51500 and other articles worth Rs. 1.5 lakh were sent to his house. On 4th January “Sanchak” ceremony was scheduled to be held at Agahpura function hall for which Rs. 80000 were spent. At 9 p.m. on 4th January a woman by name Salma Begum reached the house of would be bride claiming that she was the former wife of Asadullah Husaini. She also showed the photographs of her marriage and the documents of divorce along with the medical certificate that her former husband, Asadullah Husaini was impotent. On seeing all these proofs, the family members of the bride received shook. All the arrangements for the marriage scheduled to be held on 5th January were made for which Rs. 2 lakh were spent.

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Police registered a case of cheating under 420 IPC and Dowry Prohibition Act and started investigations.