Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Hyderabad: Now ‘sorcery services’ are just a click away

Hyderabad: Now a wide variety of ‘sorcery services’ are just a click away from you. Scores of phone-in tantriks and babas have their own websites and profiles on social media platforms with contact details. Interestingly all seek money in advance before they start their gimmicks.

At a fee ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 one can order black magic rituals to be performed on target individuals/groups as per specific requirements.

Although there are dozens of profiles and phone numbers under the tab of ‘Black Magic Remedy’ in Justdial app but, when the client pays a visit, things really get fishy.

Most of these healers claim to cure customer’s issues by checking their astrological signs but all the clients end up draining their bank account instead of getting cured of black magic or getting their problems solved.

The so called healers asked their clients to deposit money in their bank account, chant some verses, claim that their client has been afflicted with black magic, ask the client to do some rituals at home and then never pick up my call again.

Only after coughing up huge money the gullible people realise that they have been cheated by the so called healers.

Surprisingly and unfortunately even educated people fall prey to their gimmicks.