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Hyderabad: Rs.5 extra on MRP, costs Shah Ghouse Rs 10,000 fine

Hyderabad: Rs.5 extra on MRP, costs Shah Ghouse Rs 10,000 fine

HYDERABAD: Despite recent orders, the popular eatery Shah Ghouse at Tolichowki charged additional Rs 5 on mineral bottled water and has been slapped with a fine of Rs 10,000 for violating the Legal Metrology Act.

According to Deccan Chronicle reports, City-based activist Vijay Gopal alleged that the eatery was charging beyond the MRP.

Irked by having to pay additional price, the activists filed a complaint with the legal metrology department.

“I was at the restaurant while returning from work and noticed that the hotel had charged me extra on the bill. When I asked about the above-MRP charges, I was told by the bosses that the charges were regular,” Mr Gopal told DC.

“I immediately took photos of the bill as evidence and lodged a complaint with the legal Metrology department,” the activist added.

Earlier, it was made clear that charging above MRP is violation of the law and the legal Metrology department can prosecute restaurants and hotels if the packaged water is sold at more than the MRP.

The popular biryani joint was in news after rumours of mixing dog meat in the dishes flew thick and fast on social media. But GHMC gave clean chit saying no adulteration had taken place at the restaurant.