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Hyderabad schools ban fidget tri-spinner toy

Hyderabad schools ban fidget tri-spinner toy

Hyderabad: Some of the schools’ authorities in Hyderabad have banned the fidget tri-spinner toys. The schools observed that children bring them to the school and get distracted. The toy is easily available online as well as in the offline market.

The list of banned toys also includes Rubik’s cube, which is considered to help in improving the cognitive development of the child. The vice-principal of a school said, “It is becoming a distraction in class. Several children are bringing them to schools. Even in the West, some schools have banned the toy. It diverts the attention of the kid and will not allow them to focus in class,” reports DC.

The fidget spinner is a modern version of the traditional ‘top’. It is a three-pronged, palm-sized piece of plastic or metal which spins around a central weighted disc.

Children bring the toy to school and keep playing with it. They balance the spinner on fingers, toes and even the nose.

Psychologist Rama Devi said fidget spinners could be used as a tool as they were proven to be helpful in behaviour management.
“Probably schools should allow the toy for special children for a purpose. But it is impossible to say if the toy can really help children with cognitive impairment,” she said.