Thursday , August 24 2017
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Hyderabad: Ziaguda slaughterhouse under GHMC scrutiny

Hyderabad: GHMC intends to provide good quality of meat to the citizens of Hyderabad through licensed slaughterhouses. It wants to complete scrutiny of the slaughterhouses before Ramzan.

GHMC has found that around 9,000 animals are slaughtered daily in various slaughterhouses without health and weight checks.

It is to be mentioned that Ziaguda is the major center of slaughterhouse in the State. Traders from other states also come to this slaughterhouse for business.

Despite setting up modern slaughterhouses at various places at Amberpet, Chengicherla, Ranmasthpura, New Bhoiguda and Gowlipura, many people transact business at the slaughterhouse in Ziaguda.

Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner of GHMC pointed out that some time back, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India had issued instructions to local urban bodies to construct modern slaughterhouses. In compliance with these instructions, GHMC suggested for the establishment of a modern slaughterhouse at Ziaguda, but the residents approached the court against GHMC and won the case. GHMC wants to end illegal slaughtering of animals in the slaughterhouses.

He also said that in this slaughterhouse, which does not follow rules of hygiene, more than 9000 animals are slaughtered every day, due to which other legal slaughter houses do not get enough animals.

He further warned the owners of hotels and restaurants not to buy meat from illegal slaughterhouses. In case of violation found in raids, penalty will be imposed.

According to the news published in DC, under Section 674 of the Hyderabad Municipal Act 1955, GHMC officials can impose penalty on the owners of hotels and restaurants for buying meat from illegal slaughterhouses.