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Hyderabadi girls working abroad forced into prostitution

Hyderabadi girls

A girl from Karimnagar had gone to Oman to work as a domestic servant. When she fell sick due to continuous work, her employer insisted her to work and she was not given the promised salary of Rs. 20,000 per month. She was getting only Rs. 9,000. She was rescued from Oman.

Another girl from Hyderabad who went to Malaysia was given a job of waitress in Ipoh city. After sometime, her employer who was a woman forced her into flesh trade. She was also rescued with two other women working at the hotel. The employers were arrested.

According to the news published in DC, Another woman who was married 10 years back has a nine-year-old daughter, studying in Class IV. She got divorced from her husband six years back following family disputes. She started manufacturing bidis to earn money but she was not getting enough income. Meanwhile an agent exploited her poverty. She went to Dubai where she was sold to another agent, who shifted her to Oman for work. After reaching Oman her passport was seized and she was physically and mentally abused.

In another incident, Asima Khatoon who was divorced and had lost her father went to Riyad, Saudi Arabia through an agent by paying Rs. 1.5 lakh on a visit visa. Her sponsor, Abdur Rahman Ali Mohammed employed her as domestic help. Two months back she telephoned her mother complaining that her sponsor is physically and mentally harassing her. Her mother lodged a complaint with Rain Bazar Police and a letter was written to NRI Cell, Govt. of Telangana. Govt. wrote a letter to Indian Embassy, Riyad but no action was taken. Six days back, she was hospitalized for chest pain where she died.

There are many such cases where poor women are exploited and forced into prostitution.