Thursday , August 24 2017
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Hyderabadi men top the list of ‘high level hypertension’

Hyderabad: A survey by National Family Health Survey-4 conducted during 2015-16 show that that Hyderabadi men tops the list of ‘very high hypertension’ (VHH) compared to men living in other metropolitan cities.

The data, collated from the ministry’s National findings reveals 4.5 percent Hyderabadi men suffer from VHH, while 3 percent men in Chennai, 0.5 percent men in Kolkata and Patna, 0.1 percent in Goa, 0.7 percent in Bengaluru and 1.1 percent men in Dehradun suffer from VHH.

However, in the case of women, Hyderabad figured third in the all three categories of hypertension with 12.3% of women categorized as hypertensive, next to Kolkata’s 12.5% and Mumbai’s 12.5%.

The people surveyed in the Hypertension categorically record blood pressure more than 180/110. However, health experts say that people should have blood pressure less than 140/90 and people suffering from diabetes, heart and kidney problems should have less than 135/85.

Reacting to this, Dr C Venkata S Ram, Director at Apollo Institute for Blood Pressure Management says, “It is very difficult to decipher why men here have VHH. One needs to study the risk factors involved to figure out the exact cause. The causes need to be studied further.”

Doctors say that different factors caused the tension and it varies from person to person. Genetic and environmental factors, high salt intake, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, family history of hypertension and excess alcohol intake are possible culprits.

According to Dr Venkata Ram, If BP is greater than 140/90, it can cause irreparable damage and leave a huge social and financial burden on the family.

“under-treated BP could not only lead to “chronic diseases” like stroke, brain hemorrhage, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure, but also it lead to financial crisis”. adds Dr Ram.