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Hyderabad’s population is one crore, vehicles – 49 lakh

Hyderabad’s population is one crore, vehicles – 49 lakh

Hyderabad: It is estimated that the population of Greater Hyderabad is one crore and it has 48, 70, 017 vehicles which includes two wheelers also. In the next two months, one lakh more vehicles will be added. Hyderabad City is posing a great threat to traffic management. It is calculated that the number of vehicles in the city is half of its population whereas the roads are less. It quite often results in traffic jam.

According to the statistics furnished up to 31st October 2016, there are 35, 66, 361 two wheelers and 8, 33, 577 four wheelers. The number of lorries, trackers and other vehicles is 61, 319. There are 10, 786 school buses, 4,099 private buses and 3,850 RTC buses. RTC buses ply on 1052 routes and they do 42,000 trips from one place to another carrying 34 lakh passengers. There are 121 Metro trains which take 15 lakh commuters. Despite all these, there is no organized public transport system in the city. After launching of Metro trains, the traffic load might be minimized.

If an analysis of other cities is taken into consideration, it will come to be know that in Bangalore 6000 buses ply everyday whereas Hyderabad has only 3850 buses. The proportion of roads in Hyderabad is 6.06% whereas in Chennai, it is 8%. In Hyderabad, there are no adequate roads and the existing roads in bad condition which increase traffic problems. Five years back vehicles in Hyderabad used to ply at the rate of 30-40 Km per hour which has been reduced to 17-20 Km per hour now. Every day, 800 to 1000 new vehicles are coming on the roads which accounts for 1.5 to 2 lakh vehicles per year. Residential areas in Hyderabad are getting reduced and commercial activities are on the increase and the same proportion, the number of vehicles is also increasing.

—Siasat News