If Allah (SWT) wants to save anyone, death cannot grab her: Raped, shot and thrown in a well, 13-year-old survived to fight for justice

, 7:46 PM IST

New Delhi: A 13-year-old girl survived after being gang-raped for days, shot twice and then thrown into a well.

In Greater Noida, UP a girl was gang-raped by three men, all aged between 24 and 35 for days. After raping, they decided to kill her, shot twice and thrown into a well. Girl was allegedly abducted in a SUV. Three accused kept her in a house in Greater Nodia for two weeks and raped her.
Victim in her statement to the police said that the room was dark in which she was kept and raped her.

According to victim, one night accused took victim in a car to a nearby well where they fired two shots. After shooting her, they threw her into the well. However, hearing her scream, the nearby villagers rescued the girl and admitted her to a hospital.

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Surprisingly, girl survived despite losing lot of blood as if Allah (SWT) wants to save anyone, death cannot grab her.

However, the brave girl, a student of Class V after undergoing treatment for over a month, being treated for her injuries for over a month decided to restart her schooling and want to fight for justice. She want rapists to be hanged till death.