Iftar party in masajid, only MLAs have a say in selection of masajid

, 8:30 AM IST

Telangana government has involved only MLAs in arrangement of Iftar and dinner at Masajid under Ramadan package while MLCs and corporators urge that their recommendations are included in selection of masajid. It is said that many MLCs and corporators belonging to TRS represented with the government requesting to include the masajid recommended by them in the Ramadan package.

TRS government had begun Ramadan package last year. Last year too the names of the masajid were given by the MLAs only. 100 masajid are selected from Greater Hyderabad limits while 100 masajid are selected from districts. Each MLA gives the name of 4 masajid in the city.

This year also names of the masajid were finalised on the recommendation of MLAs. However several MLCs, MPs and corporators feel that their opinion should also be sought in selection of masajid. Various public representatives sent a letter to the government and Minority Welfare Department in this connection. It is said hat the government is going through the proposals however inclusion of new names seems impossible at this juncture.

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