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Illegal UK visa holders to return India

Britain: Numerous Indians think, Britain is a land of jobs and opportunity for them. They try to overstay in London having their visas being expired.

A report of HT says that the economic conditions have now changed for these people who stay there illegally. It has become harder to get jobs and basic required civic services.

The report says that 22% of the total voluntarily returns from the UK, were Indian nationals in 2016, which is a large figure. “It is the UK government’s kind gesture, to help those who want to return home voluntarily, they will be provided with the air tickets to settle back in their homeland,” senior Labour Party MP Virendra Sharma said.

Migrants who went there in search of a better living can’t get work or any basic needs such as driving licence, the opening of bank account or even a place on rent to live. Tenants have to verify first, their immigration documents with the landlords.

Jasdev Singh Rai, director of the Sikh Human Rights Forum told about the bad conditions for these migrants. “At least they have some property or assets in India, instead of living there in poverty, it’s better for them to return,” he stated.

Prime Minister, Theresa May spoke about the illegal migrants in November 2016 at New Delhi. Where she told that they will try to speed up the process of giving visas, provided that returning of the illegals start with the same pace.

The major hurdle for these migrants is, they don’t possess current Passport and Indian government require investigation done by Indian agencies and they don’t formally consider data provided by the UK. It also has happened in the past that many Bangladeshis and Pakistanis were sent to India and while further investigation, their identities could be established.

For migrants whose Indian identity establishes, they are provided with the emergency certificates or the travel documents by Indian High commission in London. Those who fail to get any, end up in public shelter and have free food in gurudwaras.