Monday , August 21 2017
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I’m not afraid of attacks: JNU student leader

Hyderabad: “I will not be afraid if someone tries to scare me”, firmly said Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union (JNUSU) president Kanhaiah Kumar when ‘Goshala’ activists hurled a chappal at him when the latter was addressing the seminar on ‘Protection of Constitution’ here on Thursday at Sundaraiah Vignan Kendram.
After the chappal incident during his speech in Sundaraiah Vignana Bhavan, Kanhaiah Kumar made it clear that he will not be frightened if someone tries to scare him and said his way was ‘Gandhian’. He stated that justice will be done to Dalits, Adivasis and everyone has to try to realize the dreams of Ambedkar and Bhagath Singh. He also made it clear that he will not retire till Rohit Vemula Act was made and nobody could stop his fight in this regard.
He alleged that as the Central government was resorting to attacks on universities across the nation, he said he was waging movement in solidarity with the students of Hyderabad Central University. Stating that his ideal was Rohit Vemula and not Afzal Guru, he said he has belief in democracy and criticizing governments doesn’t mean criticizing nation.
Condemning the lathi-charge in HCU in the name of internal security, Kanhaiah revealed that they were uniting the students to protect the Constitutional rights. (NSS)