Impact of Siasat Movement: Exemplary marriage performed at Hafez Babanagar

, 2:50 PM IST

Hyderabad: A youth sets an example by performing simple marriage at Hafez Babanagar, a Muslim predominant area of old city. He has proved that if the young generation wishes they can make everything possible.

Nikah of Syed Tajammul Husain presently residing in Saudi Arabia was held with utmost simplicity at Masjid Hajira, Moin Bagh. The Nikah was attended by a large number of musallis of the masjid, besides family and friends of bride and groom. Syed Tajammul Husain didn’t take a single rupee in the name of dowry while saving the bride’s family from uncalled for customs like Manjha, Sanchaq and Mehendi.

The groom told that he is very much impressed by the simple marriage movement run by Siasat. He told that extravagance in marriage functions is proving destructive for the society and is a major hurdle in marriage of Muslim girls who belong to financially weak families. His idea of performing simple marriage succeeded when his family members also agreed to it.

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