Impact of Siasat’s movement, MIM MLA raises Muslim reservation issue in assembly

, 3:08 PM IST

Impact of Siasat’s 12 percent reservation movement was also seen in Telangana assembly when MIM MLA Mr. Jaffer Husain Meraj demanded that the government implement 12 percent reservations. It shows the popularity of the Siasat’s reservation movement among public and the rising pressure of Muslims on political parties.

Supporting the Bill to amend Telangana (Agricultural Produce and Livestock) Markets Act, 1966, meant for undertaking reforms in constitution of agriculture market committees duly implementing the rule of reservation for SCs, STs, BCs and minorities for nomination of chairman to agricultural market committees unanimously passed by the Telangana Assembly on Tuesday, Mr. Meraj hoped that Chief Minister would provide 12 percent reservations to Muslims in such committees in the coming days. He also demanded 12 percent Muslims reservations in other institutions besides market committees. Although no assurance was given by the government but the positive aspect of the matter is that the demand of Muslims was voiced in the house.

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