Incident of suspected carrying beef on train: Gauraksha leader threatens communal riots on arrests

, 7:42 AM IST

Bhopal: Surendra Singh Rajpurohit, a right-wing activist threatened Prembabu Sharma, SP of Harda district to get ready for a repeat of “September 2013” when the town faced large scale communal riots on the rumours of Cow slaughter.

Rajpurohit is also known as “Tiger” who had formed Gauraksha Commando Force a few years back is the main accused in the 2013 riots. He blamed the police for partisan action taken against Hindu accused in the case.

It may be noted that Gauraksha Samiti activists forcibly searched the luggage of the two Muslim travelers on Kushinagar Express on 13th January near Harda Railway Station with a suspicion that they were carrying beef which later proved to be buffalo meat. The miscreants searched their bag and assaulted them

Rajpurohit said that his organization will not keep quiet. He also blamed the police that either the police have sold themselves out or forgotten the communal riots of 2013.

SP of Harda District, Mr. Sharma told, “Even if I die, I won’t let the riots take place again.’’ He confirmed that he received the call from Rajpurohit but clarified that the conversation did not amount to a “threat’’.