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Why India appears when we type ‘Namak Haraam country’ in Google

Why India appears when we type ‘Namak Haraam country’ in Google

Mumbai: It seems that US-based search engine Google has recognized India as a ‘Namak Haraam country’.

When type ‘Namak Haraam country’ in Google search bar, Indian flag will be shown. But, Google doesn’t mean that India is a ‘traitor country’ and the reason is very simple yet interesting.

‘Namak Haram’ is a 1973 Hindi Bollywood blockbuster drama film starring Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha and Simi Garewal.

The story is about a class war that divides two friends and considering it as a classic film in India, it still remains one of the finest movies of India.

So when, a person types the word country after the name of the movie, Google will show the flag and the map of the country where the movie was made.

Stooping low in their act, a Pakistani daily, Daily Pakistan, published on their website, “Like majority of Pakistanis, the US-based tech giant considers India as a “Namak Haram country’. ”

Reports suggest that Pakistan media is trying to troll India with the image of it, however, it could either be a glitch or work of Pakistani hackers playing with the Search engine optimization (SEO).

With inputs from ANI