Thursday , August 24 2017
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All India Jamaitul Quresh to oppose Center’s ban on slaughtering of cattle

Hyderabad: The Centre’s ordinance banning slaughtering of cattle has invited agitation in various states in the country protesting against the ordinance for forcing people to adhere to new laws, taking away their rights to choose what to eat.

Following the same, a meeting was held by Mohammed Saleem, President of the All India Jamaitul Quresh deciding to fight against the centre’s order, terming the new notification as unconstitutional as it is intervening with the rights of the people, has also said would seek CM K Chandrashekar Rao’s intervention in the matter if the people engaged in the trade faces any further harassments.

“We will represent the matter to the Governor and also the DGP”, Saleem told Telangana Today. According to the calculations lead by a 150 member team of the Jamaitul Quresh, about 15 lakhs families are dependant on cattle trade with 5,000 cattle slaughtered everyday in Telangana. He stated “If the slaughter of cattle is banned then 6 lakh persons will be rendered jobless”.

He further added “Government cannot control the eating habits of people. Moreover, it is a matter which affects the livelihood of lakhs of people. We will take the fight to Delhi if necessary”, he is also the chairman of Telangana Wakf Board.

The ban would result in steep rise in prices of other flesh like goat meat which would shoot to the price of Rs.1000 per kg and chicken may reach up to 500 Rs per kg.

He also requested the CM to take a firm stand against the ban like the government’s in these of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Goa has taken, Telangana Today reported.