India lacks emotional bind with Kashmir,says Ex-army Major

, 11:06 AM IST

SRINAGAR: Ex-army Major says, India lacks emotional bind with Kashmir There is no emotional bind between India and Kashmir,concludes an ex army officer who was stationed in Kashmir after delving deep into himself and articulating the conflict between humane emotions and the call of duty.

Dinesh Tiwari, in his touching and brutally honest post on his facebook page, reminisces about his experience as a child growing in Nepal when the country was in the throes of Maoist insurgency and draws parallels between his teenage persona, conflicted emotions and bearing the brunt of the Government forces and Kashmir’s youth.

Tiwari then goes on to illustrate the pathos and bathos of Kashmir after his poignant encounter with a Kashmiri child, who after all these years, would be the same age as Burhan Wani.