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India sends back remains of WWII American soldiers

India sends back remains of WWII American soldiers

New Delhi: The excavated skeletal remains of soldiers and artefacts of a US Air Force B-24 bomber that had crashed in north east India during the second World War were given a full honors ceremony at New Delhi’s airport today before being sent to the United States.

“It has a incredible significance, for me, to be part of this means a lot to me..Hope we can turn this into identification. The remains will go to our headquarter where we are going to do scientific analysis so that we can make identification of the body.. Indian government was really supportive. They really wanted to be successful,” said Capt. Gregorylynch, who led the repatriation team.

While the previous UPA government had stopped the recovery of remains following objections by China, which claims Arunachal Pradesh to be its territory, the Narendra Modi government agreed to America’s request.

During US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s visit to Delhi, India has agreed that both countries can use each other’s military bases to restock and refuel fighter planes and warships. The pact is to be signed soon, both sides said. (ANI)