All India University Students demand probe of Police encounter

All India University Students demand probe of Police encounter

Hyderabad: An organization of All India University Students demanded high-level probe by a sitting judge of High Court about the police encounter of Maoists.

The students group consisting of Seshankota Srinivas, Nazeer, David Harish, Nageshwar Rao, Rehman, Aruna and others. They were addressing a press conference in Hyderabad yesterday. They alleged that the Maoists were not killed with bullets. They also expressed doubts about the killing of police employee, Abu Bakar. These students were from Medicine and Journalism faculties. They informed that very soon a Round Table Conference would be held in which the proofs collected would be exposed. The affected police employees, Adivasis, writers and politicians would be commissioned for the press conference. They told that an Adivasi was shifted in Helicopter and news were published in the media. The whereabouts of that Adivasi are not yet known. The police were stationed at the place where encounter took place. The police sexually harassed Adivasi women. The postmortem was held in Malkajgiri’s SP office instead of a hospital. The directions of SC and HRC were overlooked.

The student leaders alleged that it seems that police evacuated people from their houses and their habitations were destroyed. They also alleged that when they wanted to go with fact finding committee to the place of encounter, police has been harassing them. Police had appointed a local person to take their videographs. The students team went to the residence of police employee, Abu Bakar. They told that Abu Bakar was a good swimmer but police stated that he was drowned in the attacks by the Maoists. The place where he was reported to be drowned contains water not more than 2-3 feets.

–Siasat News