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Indian-American elected delegate to GOP convention

Indian-American elected delegate to GOP convention

Washington: An Indian-American has been elected as a Republican delegate for a record fourth consecutive term to the party’s July convention in Cleveland which would formally nominate real-estate tycoon Donald Trump as its presidential candidate.

Sampat Shivangi, the national president of Indian-American Forum for Political Education and a long-time Republican leader, was recently elected as national delegate for the fourth consecutive term – a record for the community.

The Republican convention in Cleveland is scheduled to be held from July 17 to July 22.

Shivangi was first elected as a delegate at the Republican convention in New York City in 2004, to nominate President George W Bush.

Thereafter, he was elected as the national delegate in 2008 at Minneapolis to nominate John McCain and in 2012 at Tampa, to nominate Mitt Romney.

“I feel this will be a great political spectacle of our times and I am fortunate enough to witness and participate,” he said in a statement.

The Indian-American Forum, along with Ohio Community leaders and with FIA, AAPI will be hosting a reception on the sidelines of the Convention to honour the Indian ambassador to the US Arun Kumar Singh on July 19, a media release said.