Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Indian killed in gunfire in US

New York: K Handu Patel, Indian, aged 56, working in a US motel was killed outside the motel in a gunfire.

A total 30 rounds of shots have been fired of which one hit Patel killing him. The incident took place on Monday when Patel was on rounds outside the motel after hearing the firing.

This is the fifth killing in the community since February in the area.
Patel, worked as housekeeper in Americas Best Value Inn and suites in Whitehaven, says Fox Reports.

Khandu and his wife had worked at the inn for about eight months. His wife and children lived at the motel with him. “He finished his day’s work and was out walking around the property. Next thing you know he hears some gunshots of lying around and one caught him in the chest”, Jay Patel, the victim’s nephew, was quoted as saying, “He didn’t even make it to the hospital to be saved”.

Investigators are on search of the killer as reported in Times.