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Indian man arrested for fighting in US eatery after being served onions

Indian man arrested for fighting in US eatery after being served onions

Washington: An Indian-origin man picked up the fight in a US restaurant as it served him food garnished with onions. He became violent and threatened the staff to shoot them. Police arrested Yuba Raj Sharma, 43, after the conflict occurred at the All India restaurant, in Oakland, Pittsburgh, and charged him with terrorist threats, indecent exposure, resisting arrest and public drunkenness.

As per a report by DC, the argument started when his food was served with onions on it. He returned the next day in a drunken state to fight, restaurant owner Ravinder Singh told police.

According to the criminal complaint, Sharma was so drunk that he became “dead weight” as police tried to put him in a patrol car. The owner told the police that he visited the eatery twice in the week and was drunken when he started fighting.

According to the complaint, Sharma told the owner that “he was going to shoot him,” then the owner saw Sharma make “a motion that he had a gun in his pants.”

After 911 was called, Sharma pulled down his pants while verbally taunting the owner and another staff member, police documents state.

The owner did not want to file a complaint but when Sharma “continued to shout back toward the restaurant” and ignored what police said, he changed his mind and reported charges. Sharma was so drunk that police said he was speaking “nonsense,” and at one point, he told an officer that “he got into an argument with the staff because they put onions in his food,” according to the complaint.