Monday , August 21 2017
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Indian media maligns Muslims with false verdicts

Picture Courtesy: Viewsheadlines

Kanpur: It is believed that the Indian media never fails to malign Muslims, when they don’t find any controversy, they start talking about certain scholar or some false fatwas.

A report of viewsheadlines suggested a scholar from Gujrat was misquoted in a news program. According to which, Maulana Salahuddin Saifi said, “it is not permissible for a woman to earn when there is a man around, in her household.”

Following which, news personnel went to Maulana Nadeemul Wajidi to take his opinion. Who told that media has misquoted the opinion of Maulana Salahuddin. Furthermore, he gave a proper explanation, ‘if the wife’s husband is dead, there is not any issue her working outside.’ while Maulana Salahuddin was grossly misquoted.

He also added that “if a woman wants to earn by her own will, she can and even if she wants to be a pilot, there is no bondage in shariah. The media fabricated Maulana Salahuddin’s statement and quoted a fraction of it.”

Neither of the statement nor the verdict was given in this regards, and it is believed that when media does not find any subject, they pick up some random story to defame Islam.