Indian pilots popping “Go/No Go” pills to stay awake for longer duration

, 11:22 PM IST

Pilots are reported to have been using “authorized” pills to increase alertness and to improve performance during exercises.

According to reports, ‘Go/No Go’ pills are being consumed by Indian Air Force pilots to stay alert for a long time and to counter tiredness.

According to Times of India, the IAF has some new weapons in its armoury. Neither any hypersonic cruise missiles, nor bunker-bursting ‘smart’ bombs instead some obnoxious ‘Go/No-Go’ pills. IAF fighter pilots are now increasingly using these “authorised” pills fight sleep deprivation during round-the-clock combat exercises.

These pills were used extensively in the highvoltage ‘Livewire’ exercise conducted by IAF from October 31 to November 8,in the last three to four years, which saw the “activation” of all its 54 airbases across the country.