Indian politicians on Dawood Ibrahim’s frequent dialer list – India Today reports

, 7:48 AM IST

New Delhi: India Today found an access to call records of four landline numbers registered at underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s mansion in Karachi, Pakistan, and some Indian politicians feature on the list.

These call records give the details for a period of seven-month starting 5th September 2015 to 5th April 2016. The analysis of the data of the frequently dialed telephone numbers from the residence of Dawood Ibrahim reveals that has been in contact with many Indian politicians from Maharashtra.

According to the report published in India Today, they got these details from Vadodara based ethical hacker, Manish Bhangale and his partner Jayesh Shah, who hacked into a Pakistani telecom company’s database.

These numbers are registered in the name of Mehjabeen Shaikh, Dawood Ibrahim’s wife. They are 021-3587**19, 021-3587**39, 021-3587**99, 021-3587**99.

It is also reported that, out of the 10 most dialed international numbers, five were in India.