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Video: Indian restaurant in London attacked by masked men

Video: Indian restaurant in London attacked by masked men

London: The recent London attacks have triggered a sense of scare among people in London.

A shocking footage of three armed men attacking an Indian restaurant has surfaced on social media. The Indian Restaurant was full with diners during the attack.

This attack after the London attacks could point out the hate crime the Indians and Muslims would be subjected to in the forthcoming days.

According to a report in the Daily Mirror, the men were seen brandishing long weapons at the customers, who appear scared. A few of them fled to avoid being struck.

“A man and a woman suffered minor injuries from the attack which took place at 10:50 pm IST on Tuesday,” said the police official.

The video shows these men hitting the customers while the staff is seen pushing them away in order to protect them. A woman is heard screaming while a man prompted someone to call the cops. With people trying to escape the chaos one man as it seemed is on call probably informing the police.

No arrests have been made yet and the Police said the incident was not a hate crime neither the weapons used by these offenders were believed to be knives or blades, DC reported.